November 9 – PENINSULA B/C

15-minute presentations on programs that redefine what is possible.

Session A

  • 8:45am – National Blind Hockey with David Klenk, Michigan Rehabilitation Services: Removing barriers with sports! Learn how this hockey league has been making a loved activity accessible to kids across the nation.
  • 9:05am – Back to the Basics of Communication with Aliza Lambert, Michigan State University: Building relationships is the core of transition. Yet how do we build relationships with the seemingly infinite number of stakeholders involved in the transition process (students, families, special educators, transition coordinators, administrators, counselors, vendors, agencies, universities, etc.) without committing to endless meetings? Let’s take a moment and come back to the basics of communication.
  • 9:25am  – Good Kitchen with Jennifer Bell, Arnold Center: The Good Kitchen at the Arnold Center serves as a training kitchen for individuals in our programming. Participants learn all about food safety, safe cutting skills, customer service, using a cash register, testing for ServSafe Certificate and so much more! Along with serving lunch at the Arnold Center, the Good Kitchen offers Catering Services for large or small group events!

Session B

  • 2:30pm – Unspoken Symphony with Christina Davis, Jazz Pharmaceuticals: unspoken symphony was created for all those who struggle to express themselves verbally. Inspired by a little girl who can’t speak, it transforms artwork into an original melody, giving the world a chance to communicate and connect with loved ones like never before.
  • 2:50pm – Carter Kit Sensory Bags with Yolanda Bellinger, SVRC Industries: Carter Kits™ Sensory Bags contain clinically proven items known to comfort and appropriately focus children who are on the autism spectrum, as well as many other children who occasionally find themselves overwhelmed or otherwise impacted by traumatic events. Carter Kits were initially designed for First Responders, however, the scope of their mission has expanded to many other professions including mental health, schools, churches, emergency departments, and more.
  • 3:10pm – Progressive Art Studios and the Social Model of Disability with Anthony Marcellini, Services to Enhance Potential: Art is changing the lives of many people we serve.  Learn about the current progressive education/social model of disabilities and where Anthony believes we should be moving to support people.


November 10 – PENINSULA B/C

These hour-long roundtable discussions are for those who wish to dive deeper with peers on hot topics.

8:30-9:30am – Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, facilitated by Jessica Diener, Peckham

9:45-10:45am – Art Programming, facilitated by Anthony Marcellini, Services to Enhance Potential

11:00-12:00pm – Autism in the Workplace, facilitated by Katie Kinde, Incompass Michigan



November 9 – PENINSULA B/C

15-minute presentations on programs that redefine what is possible.

8:45am – National Blind Hockey

9:05am – Back to the Basics of Communication

2:30pm – Jazz Pharmaceuticals

2:50pm – Carter Kit Sensory Bags

3:10pm – Progressive Art Studios and the Social Model of Disability


November 10 – PENINSULA B/C

These hour-long sessions are for those who wish to communicate with others face to face on important topics

8:30-9:30am – DEI – Jessica Diener

9:45-10:45am –-Art Programming – Anthony Marcellini

11:00-12:00pm – Autism in the Workplace – Katie Kinde


Wednesday November 8, 2023

  • A Hands-On Approach to Assistive Technology – Kellie Blackwell
  • AI’s Role in Modernizing Human Services – James Willis
  • Assistive Technology For Mutual Support and Recovery – Norman G DeLisle Jr
  • Charting The Seas of Resource Navigation: A Glimpse into Collaborative Practices & Barrier Resolution –  Chris Smith
  • Collaborative Approaches to Provider Relationships – Adam Jenovai
  • Discussion on CMH VIP Partnership – Rene Sherwood
  • Exploring MCTI as a Post Secondary Option – Mandy Matthews
  • How
  • Insights Into Action: Harnessing the Power of Data & Storytelling to Transform I/DD Services – Sean Luechtefeld, Ph.D., CAE
  • Is Eye Contact Necessary? – How to Accommodate Autistic People in the Workplace – Katie Kinde
  • LGBTQ+ in the workplace – Margaret Avery
  • Service Animals 101 – Christa Martin
  • Skill Building in a Post-COVID World – Charlene Chandler
  • The Heart of Leadership – Shonda Rushing
  • The Value of Telling Your Story – Sharon Emery
  • Voyaging Towards Bright Vocational Horizons: Leveraging Assessment Tools with Precision and Mapping A Career Voyage: The Skillful Use of Assessment Tools for Positive Outcomes – Dessie Johnson
  • What You Need to Know – Karen Wang

Thursday November 9, 2023

  • Business is our customer too! – Craig Saunders
  • Create a Culture of Experiential Support – Kat Thomson
  • Diving Into Intersectionality to Ensure Best Practices and Fostering an Inclusive Work Environment – Carie Branch
  • Empowering the Community: Generative AI’s Role in Advancing Inclusion and Opportunities – Scott Cesar
  • Fostering an Ethical Workplace Culture – Menachem Hojda
  • Igniting Your Personal Fire to Avoid Burnout and Achieve Your Goals. A Guide To Self-Care and Goal Setting! – Rene Dell
  • Issues Facing Autistic Adults in Michigan and the Need for an Autistic Adult Statewide Advisory Committee – Katie Oswald
  • Navigating Uncomfortable But Necessary Conversations – Shonda Rushing
  • State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies – National Perspective & Priorities – Bill Robinson
  • The Importance of Job Coach Training – Maria Peak
  • Thriving with Autism: The Power of a Wrap-Around Support System – Matt McDonald
  • Unconscious Bias: Overcoming Ethical Obstacles While Increasing Multi-Cultural Competencies – Christa Martin
  • Unlocking Excellence in Direct Support Professionals – Kimberly Pietrylka-Miller
  • Using Virtual Reality-Guided Meditation to Support Work Engagement and Well-being of Workers with Disabilities – Sarah George

Friday November 10, 2023

  • Above the Bridge: Vocational Rehabilitation Partnerships that Work – Carol Bergquist
  • AI – Legal & Policy Implications for Individuals with Disabilities – Amy Maes
  • Gesher Human Services’ Creative Expressions Program – Craig Nowak
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for People We Serve – Susan Salhaney
  • Policy Priorities for the Michigan Legislature – Todd Culver
  • The Intersection of Employment and Sexuality: Building Healthy Relationships at Work Using the Elevatus Training Curriculum for People with Developmental Disabilities – Mary Shehan
  • The Art of Supervision: Reflecting on Supervisee Qualities in Clinical Supervision – Asmau Ayub
  • Youth Leading The Charge for Inclusive, Integrated Employment – Mary Shehan
  • Voting with Disabilities in Michigan – Rachel Prevatt
  • We Are All Advocates: Strategies for Legislative Engagement -Todd Culver