Zachary Dunham, Artisan Corner – Work Skills

Starry Night Cross-Over


Alt Text: Gradient blue swirls around stars and moon.There is a town with a tall church steeple nestled in the hills and 3 Star Wars ships painted within the landscape and sky.

Artist Bio

Zachary has been a Star Wars Fan as long as he can remember. He is often decked out head to toe in Star Wars gear. Zach started painting for the first time about 2 years ago at WSC Artisan Corner. His very first artwork was inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s most famous work. Zach has been drawing and sketching using multiple mediums since he was a boy.

Program Description

We are WSC Artisan Corner, ( a Work Skills venture), a program developed for artistic individuals with unique abilities who would like to sell their artwork and become professionals. We welcome neuro-diversity.

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