Michael Sanchirico

  • Michael Sanchirico

My name is Michael Sanchirico. I am a Sole Proprietor and have Autism. Due my unique situation I stumbled into Sole Proprietorship by trying to navigate the situation of a former company I worked for that went out of business. The Company I use to work for was suppose to be a unique one of a kind company. It was going to be an advertising company completely staffed by people with Autism. Working for them I learned many valuable skills that I would incorporate into my Sole Proprietorship. However due to miss management this unique company went out of business and I had to navigate that turbulent situation to the best of my ability. thanks to some willing former customers of that company and some effort on my part I managed to turn the disaster into a sole proprietorship for myself. I’d like to use my story and first hand experience to help others with disabilities explore and venture into Sole Proprietorship. I presented my Presentation recently to MTSA and got lots of great feed back.