Megan Gandolfi

  • Megan Gandolfi

Megan M. Gandolfi is a Limited License Professional Counselor within the state of Michigan; Megan embraces the counseling profession’s emphasis on growth, wellness, empowerment and normal development when working with clients. Megan works to promote client’s mental health, wellness, and education and career goals by exploring their concerns through the lens of normal human development with a focus on strengths, wellness and prevention, assisting them in reaching goals through the use of counseling, assessments and diagnosis. Clients come to therapy frustrated with unresolved concerns despite their best efforts; she facilitates peer support and psychoeducational groups, utilizing creativity to reinforce coping skills concepts in a safe, fun setting. Megan is well trained to provide these services and is licensed and qualified to care for client’s mental health needs, helping others is extremely rewarding, on a personal and professional level.