Lee Thomas

  • Lee Thomas

As a broadcaster, Lee Thomas’ career started on “Channel One” News, a national news program for teenagers based in New York City. While with “Channel One”, Lee covered the Oscars, did a live interview with astronauts on the space station and spent three week in Los Angeles during the riots of 1991.  With Entertainment as his niche, Lee went on to spend a short time on “Louisville Tonight Live”, one of the only pm magazine style entertainment shows in the country at the time. Lee covered events like Fan Fair in Nashville, Demolition Man Movie Premiere and of course The Kentucky Derby. 

Before long, New York came calling again, Lee was hired as the entertainment and feature reporter for ABC’s flagship local affiliate, WABC 7, the number one station in NYC. He established himself as an engaging entertaining reporter. After building his career in New York City interviewing people from Paul Newman to Christie Brinkley and covering everything from the Grammys to the Tonys. From there he was off to Detroit as a weekend anchor and entertainment reporter at WJBK TV. While in the Motor City, Lee has interviewed A-list stars in Hollywood and covered some of Tinseltown’s biggest events. He has also won four Emmy Awards as an anchor and producer and an Associated Press Award winner. He is currently a weekday morning show anchor and entertainment “guru” and a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association (BFCA). 

Early in his career, Lee Thomas was diagnosed with vitiligo, an autoimmune disease that destroys the skins pigment. It literally looks like a person is changing color. As a television broadcaster that could mean disaster, but Lee says, “The thing that I thought would be a show stopper, turned out to be the biggest blessing in my life.” He and his story have been featured on various TV, radio and media outlets throughout the world. Lee’s memoir “Turning White” was released through a small regional publisher in Metro Detroit. They were overwhelmingly pleased with the attention that Lee’s inspiring story has continued to attract since its release. Thousands of copies of his award winning memoir have sold and counting. His story was covered by thousands of media outlets allowing people all over the world to be truly inspired by his powerful story.