Christa Martin

  • Christa Martin

Christa Martin, MRC/CRC, presently works as a Job Placement Specialist with the Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation. She is currently President of the Kentucky Rehabilitation Associations Job Placement & Development Division, Treasurer of the National Rehabilitation Associations (NRA) Job Placement & Development Division, and NRA Secretary. Christa will be a returning speaker at the 2018 NRA Annual Training Conference in October and will co-present the NRAJPD Pre-Conference there with Utah Rehabilitation Association President Paul Barnes. She is an APSE member and a returning presenter at the 2018 National APSE Conference as well in June. She has presented at numerous other state, regional, national, and international conferences on different topics of interest and research. Christa received her Master of Rehabilitation Counseling degree from the University of Kentucky, became a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) in the fall of 2012, and is LPCA qualified.  I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to present at and attend this conference with you all! As a Boyne Falls/Petoskey native, I would love to be able to provide a quality professional development training to my fellow Michiganders and see how you guys are doing things back up north as I have been transplanted for a while now here in Kentucky! I absolutely love getting to meet my fellow NRA members in their home chapters, and I’m always happy to facilitate a session while there or help in other ways!