Charlotte Sobieski

  • Charlotte Sobieski

Char Sobieski-Greco has been a textile art enthusiast since age 4. She enjoys hand spinning, silk reeling, weaving, dyeing, surface design, nuno felting, paper making, basketry, crocheting, and sewing. Char loves to share her passion and knowledge of textile art with others. Char earned her Bachelor of Arts degree at Spring Arbor University and Master Spinner Certification at Olds College in Alberta, Canada. She is a certified Employment Training Specialist and Certified Brain Injury Specialist. Char works as a Sales and Production Coordinator in the vocational rehabilitation program at Rainbow Industries Production Company, a subsidiary of Rainbow Rehabilitation Centers. Char introduced and leads the textile art program and cultivates relationships with the boutiques and businesses that carry and sell her clients’ textile art. She is a speaker at textile art guild events and teaches textile art classes in the community