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BOOM is a statewide award ceremony recognizing individuals with a disability who have excelled professionally or personally.

Each year, three individuals will be honored as the Employee of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year and Athlete of the Year.

The goal of the BOOM Awards is to provide stereotype-busting role models for people with disabilities. Great inspiration comes from people who have done it and done it well – that’s who we’re celebrating.

Nominees must be residents of the state of Michigan and have demonstrated excellence over an extended period of time.

The Employee of the Year is someone who has made a significant contribution at their place of employment. This person has displayed promptness, initiative and drive in the performance of their job duties with their current employer.

The Entrepreneur of the Year is someone who has persevered to start and run a successful business, for a minimum of one year. This person has displayed determination, inventiveness and tenacity as a business owner.

The Athlete of the Year is someone who competes and excels in a team or individual sport. This person has displayed a high level of skill, continuous improvement and excellent performance in a series of venues or competitions.

2020 application information coming soon.

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