re:con Program:

recon 2018

Session Materials:

Anya Rate Development 101 FINAL

Bogosian Traumatic Brain Injury Vocational Rehab

Booker Vicarious Trauma Participant Guide

Culver HCBS-TC-recon

Davis DDSSP_Programs_WithBM (1)Davis Dementia and DD 101 CSQEI.docx

Davis RECON conference Intro to Dementia in People with DD

Davis y19 _ DDSSP – Event Intake Form

Doan ReCon Presentation 2018 3

Duyck Presentation

Gandolfi Re-Con Presentation

Hall Executive Functions and AT recon 2018

Hylton Human Trafficking Re Con 2018 A

Hylton Re Con 2018 Leveraging Social Capital

John Pajak Presentation 2018

Kangas Re Con PowerPoint FINAL

Landry Benefits

Latchford 11.8.18 Customized Job Development Strategies

Latchford Customized Job Development Feedback Form 11.8.18

Latchford Environmental Analysis form

Latchford MGA Job+Analysis+Form

Latchford SAMPLE Business Proposal

Longcor IPS Recon Presentation (002)

Maes Accessible Documents and Presentations recon 2018

Maes Animals – A Legal Overview of Service, Therapy and Companion

Maes Screen Shots -Creating Accessible Presentations Powerpointv2010

MAesStep By Step for Accessible Documents Wordv2010

Martin Social Media Ethics

McDonald Veterans 101 Recon

McNeal Recon Presentation11.1.18

Myers Vocational Education and Career Readiness

Norris Re Con BTBL Presentation


Petre Leadership 2018

Poyma A Call To Duty recon 11818

Roels Vocational Evaluation Revised


Selk HN Powerpoint for MARO re con 11_18

SobieskiTextile Arts as Vocational Rehabilitation[FINAL]2

Wagner GOALS Program_Brochure 2018

Wagner Transforming Transitions_Recon

Wallish 2018 RECON – Soaring above and beyond

Walworth Leading through change Presentation

WebsterReCon Presentation November 2018 FINAL

Shiebar Leadership and Social Media

Morse LinkedIn Training by Avid

Gibson Marijuana

Neal Solidifying your Ethical Diversity Foundation in a Divisive