Joel Kaufman, Creative Expressions Program – Gesher Human Services

Things Are Not Always What They Seem

Not For Sale

The pages of a science fiction graphic novel were printed and combined to create one large work of art.

Artist Bio

Joel Kaufman is a prolific multi-media artist and musician from Metro Detroit. He has created a graphic novel entitled Things Are Not Always What They Seem which has been a personal passion project for many years. To date, Joel has written and illustrated over 1500 pages from his graphic novel and is working with Gesher Human Services to print them, 52 pages at a time. Joel also plays the piano and trombone when he is not working on his graphic novel.

Program Description

The Creative Expressions Program provides education, enrichment, cultural experiences, and professional arts opportunities for Gesher Human Services Artists, Writers, Performers, and Musicians. All of our programming takes place either at locations provided by our Community Partners or in-house at one of our Gesher Human Services buildings. Creative Expressions also has a virtual program online.

Our programming is not limited to just one art form. Thanks to our magnificent Community Partners, we are able to offer a broad range of activities in the visual arts (programs provided by The College for Creative Studies), literary and performing arts (programs provided by Matrix Theatre, Detroit Opera, and professionals in the field), music (programs provided by Detroit Symphony Orchestra and Drums on The Run), Music Therapy (programs provided by Creative Arts Therapies Inc.), as well as visual and expressive art therapy (programs provided by Let’s Art About It).

At Gesher Human Services, we believe in our Member Artists abilities. Creative Expressions works with them to develop programming that is challenging at times and therapeutic at others. We place no limits on what any one member can do, and we provide everyone with an environment that helps them grow creatively at their own pace as they move forward in their lives.

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