Laurie Penfold, Art from the Heart – Peckham

Sunflowers By Vincent Van Penfold


Sunflowers peek out of green grass against a bright blue sky with a white cloud on top.

Artist Bio

When I attend art classes at Peckham, my fellow customer service representatives ask, “Laurie, were you an artist before becoming blind?” My response is, “No, I was never a good artist, and blindness did not improve the situation!” I have enjoyed finding a method to create art. My husband is a legally blind artist, and he has inspired me to try. I’ve been a customer service representative at Peckham for over eight years, and I use a computer screen reader at work. I became legally blind later in life and received extensive training to start a new career.

Program Description

Peckham, Inc. has an “Art from the Heart” program. Teachers assist employees with their art projects and facilitate creative endeavors. This program has existed for many years, and the employees enjoy it.

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