Lewis Foster – PASC

Slow Home House Story


A colored pencil on paper drawing with a white paper background, depicting several detailed drawings of household objects in ordered rows, a chair, cup, lamp, bowl, candles, pendents light, brushes, cups and wine glass. As well as books where their spines are visible, and words pulled from catalogs and art and design books.

Artist Bio

Lewis is a Detroit based artist working out of the PASC Detroit studio. Lewis makes realist drawings featuring neat rows of serial images of objects and logos. His images range from modernist furniture, company logos, to advertisements, to archaeological artifacts. He usually works from art and design books, magazines, newspaper advertisements, and guidebooks to depict his catalog of objects in precise and tightly detailed renderings using colored pencil. Lewis has exhibited at the PASC Detroit Pop-Up Gallery, Detroit, MI (2022), Swords Into Plowshares Gallery, Detroit (2022), The Scarab Club, Detroit (2021), Reyes | Finn Gallery (2023), PASC at the Belt Gallery (2023). In 2023 Lewis was invited to be an exhibiting artist at Sage Studio in Austin, TX.

Program Description

PASC was launched in January 2021 as the first progressive art and design studio, and exhibition program, in Detroit and Wayne County, dedicated to supporting artists with developmental disabilities and mental health differences to advance independent artistic practices and build individual career paths in the art and design fields. PASC is a program of Services to Enhance Potential (STEP)

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