Elliot Brown-Pott, MRC ArtWorks

Fremouw Showdown


A trio of prehistoric animals are on the beach and in the water. Two are staking their territory while the third is minding its own business cooling off in the water. The animal in the water is looking to the left and seems to be enjoying the view as their gaze goes off the canvas. This prehistoric animal appears to be a squatty dinosaur looking lizard with a gray body and blue stripes. Its twin is in the immediate foreground on the left of the canvas standing on the sand. This dinosaur looking lizard makes his presence known by its wide stance as it gazes directly at the viewer with big orange eyes and mouth wide open with fangs. To its right and in the background, is a yellow and orange striped and spotted tiger with big green eyes. Its stance is wide and is looking directly at the other animal on the sand. The mouth is open showing off all its very sharp and pointed teeth.

Artist Bio

Elliot is a self-taught artist and has been with artWorks since 2019. He is a prolific painter with an eye for detail. He has a scientific passion for animals, living and extinct and is widely knowledgeable in regard to his subject matter.

Program Description

MRC artWorks – a program of MRC Industries, Inc. – is a professional working art studio and retail gallery located on the historic Kalamazoo Mall in the heart of downtown Kalamazoo. MRC artWorks offers unique and affordable art created by individuals with disabilities, providing an outlet to achieve creative self-expression in a way that promotes personal growth, dignity, and self-confidence. We strive to enrich the community with the diversity of art by promoting our artists’ work through a variety of venues and partnerships. All artists receive a 75% commission from the sale of their work, which not only serves as their source of income, but also enhances and reinforces their self-esteem and self-worth. MRC artWorks provides a safe, positive, and creative environment that focuses on the individual’s abilities rather than their disabilities.

MRC Industries serves individuals in Kalamazoo County with developmental or intellectual disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, emotional impairments, and mental illness to achieve their fullest potential through employment, skill building, and active community involvement.

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