Keisha Miller, PASC

Denzel Ebony Magazine April 2000


An exacting replica, watercolor painting and drawing of the cover of Ebony magazine from April 2000 featuring actor Denzel Washington. The artwork features a calmly composed man with black hair, and medium-light skin tone with red lips subtlety smiling to the camera. He wears and black leather jacket and a brown turtleneck sweater with a gridded line pattern. On the top and left-hand side are the words EBONY in larger white on red rectangle. And at the top are tag lines “The Hurricane of Denzel Washington” “Why aids is a growing threat among black women”, “Is skin color still an issue in black America” and “Derek Jeter baseballs hot heartthrob”

Artist Bio

Keisha is an artist who works at the PASC Detroit Studio. Keisha is a realist, in that she aims to depict her references in the most exacting detail, in a style marked by strong line work, and vibrant colors. Keisha is heavily influenced by the history of graphic design and advertising, where she is drawn to the bold lines, strong contrast and interesting juxtapositions within mass marketing communication. She is also responsible for the design of PASC’s new logo. Her work has been shown atThe Scarab Club, Detroit (2021), Swords Into Plowshares Gallery, Detroit (2022), The Art Gallery at Westland City Hall (2022), and PASC Detroit Pop-Up Gallery, Detroit, MI (2022).

Program Description

PASC was launched in January 2021 as the first progressive art and design studio, and exhibition program, in Detroit and Wayne County, dedicated to supporting artists with developmental disabilities and mental health differences to advance independent artistic practices and build individual career paths in the art and design fields. PASC is a program of Services to Enhance Potential (STEP)

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