Marcelle Jones

Ms. Marcelle Jones’s 20-year career, in Higher Education, has led her to experience multiple leadership, problem solving, and advocacy roles.

She earned a BA in Health Communications and a MS in Communications (with an emphasis in Health Education and Mental Health) from Grand Valley State University; where she graduated with high honors.

Ms. Jones completed a certification, from Michigan Department of Health & Human Services, in Mental Health First Aid and a certification, from the University of Missouri-Columbia, as an ADA Coordinator. In addition, serves as Chair of the Standing Committee on Member Development for AHEAD and is a member of NAMI, BIAA, and the AMBUCS.

She is also an experienced Access Design Consultant, with a demonstrated history, of working in the individual and family services industry. Her vast knowledge in ADA law, Title IX, Effective Communication-Deaf Culture, Universal Design for Learning (UDL), and Best Practices for DS Offices, has allowed for many opportunities, to remove barriers for students and community members.

Ms. Jones is a National and International speaker on Disability: A Social Justice and Civil Rights Issue, How Traumatic Brain Injury Effects Emotional Intelligence, and How Baby Steps, to Equal Access, Leads to Longer-Lasting Change.

She is an Accessibility and Universal Design Consultant, for Access Always in All Ways, which serves West Michigan. It provides a platform, to voice concerns and challenges, to be solved via research, negotiation, mediation, education, and advocacy.